Franchise Offering  

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Whether you want to open a new store or convert your existing store, we offer a full turnkey franchise opportunity to help make your dream a reality. Franchising allows franchisees to retain their independence and express their individuality and independence while enjoying the support of a group of like-minded individuals. 


While franchisees will initially be limited to repairing out of warranty vehicles, once they have been accredited on the various automotive brand panels, have developed the necessary skills and have acquired all the necessary tools prescribed by each brand, they will also be able to take on in-warranty vehicles. This will require additional investment from the franchisee but is not a requirement for the initial setup of the franchise.


For existing panel beater shops, joining our network is an opportunity to preserve what they have built and strengthen it by locking arms with one of the best and most well-respected names in the industry while also benefiting from the buying power of the group. 


Franchisee’s benefit from the group’s buying power and our relationships with accredited suppliers. Rebates on the network’s collective purchases from our accredited suppliers used to fund our regional and national marketing campaigns to increase our brand exposure.


Our franchise model embraces a culture of continuous learning that includes supervised in-service training for all employees and training of apprentices in conjunction with merSETA.


The average shop turnover is between R20-million to R30-million per annum.