MCB Manco is the franchisor of the HJ Bosch & Sons ABR Network brand of specialist panel shops. HJ Bosch & Sons ABR Network originated as a family-owned business with a legacy dating back to 1969. Our top-quality service has established HJ Bosch & Sons ABR Network as a leader in the industry. We are proud to be a preferred supplier for all major insurance companies.


At HJ Bosch & Sons ABR Network, we know that your vehicle is one of your biggest purchases. Therefore, it aims to protect our customer's investment by using the latest technology and advanced equipment to ensure that each vehicle is repaired to its factory specification. Furthermore, we know a vehicle accident is not a pleasant experience and aims to offer personalised service throughout the process, keeping you informed every step of the way.


In addition to growing our national footprint through the business format of franchising, our growth strategy includes expanding our business into rural areas where there is a shortage of insurance approved, professional panel beaters providing quality service.


With over 50 years of experience as a premier panel beating workshop in Gauteng, we are now offering our extensive knowledge and experience to franchisees joining our team. As a result, franchisees can rely on the experienced team of HJ Bosch & Sons ABR Network to help you grow your repair shop, providing training, mentoring and technical support to ensure that your business becomes a success and subscribe to the same values and technical excellence for which our brand has become known.


While insurers are focused on providing volume-based deals to a few repairers, with the promise of cost-saving, the Motor Body Repair sector's challenge is to find synergy between its current industry models and practices and the vision and efforts of the government to drive economic transformation. We fully subscribe to the transformation aims within the industry and wish to be instrumental in uplifting promising candidates within the industry.


Proudly Supporting



Tiaan Bosch

Business Development Manager



Tiaan has been part of the HJ Bosch family business since 2000 when at age 19 he started working side-by-side with his father and co-founder of the business, Hennie Bosch. Sadly, Hennie passed away in 2011. As of 2020, he joined MCB Manco as Business Development Manager. Tiaan is a visionary entrepreneur with exceptional business skills and it is his primary goal to expand the operations of HJ Bosch & Sons ABR Network throughout southern Africa and Africa.  He is a Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer with expertise in networking, web design, servers and open drive data recovery.



Yvette Jonker

Franchisee Liason Administrator



Yvette joined MCB Manco in 2020 as Franchisee Liason Administrator and oversaw the HJ Bosch and Sons Group smoothing running. Yvette enhanced her natural flair for business by completing a Business Administration National Diploma, obtained from Technikon Pretoria in 1997. She joined HJ Bosch & Sons ABR Network in 1999 and, together with her brother took over the family business in 2011. They have since developed and implemented quality accredited training programmes, aiming to create opportunities for students to gain work experience by integrating them in a real-life work learning methodology. 



Peter Lombard

Chief Financial Officer



Peter is a qualified Chartered Accountant and brings a wealth of experience to the franchise group through his 25 years being involved with multinationals right through to SMMEs in the motor- and agricultural supply chain industry. Peter is passionate about being a partner and go-to guy to assist businesses to achieve their true potential.

   Franchise Offering  


Whether you want to open a new store or convert your existing store, we offer a full turnkey franchise opportunity to help make your dream a reality. Franchising affords franchisees the opportunity to retain their independence and express their individuality and independence while enjoying the support of a group of like-minded individuals. 


While franchisees will initially be limited to repairing out of warranty vehicles, once they have been accredited on the various automotive brand panels, have developed the necessary skills and have acquired all the necessary tools prescribed by each brand they will also be able to take on in-warranty vehicles. This will require additional investment from the franchisee but is not a requirement for the initial setup of the franchise.


For existing panel beater shops, joining our network is an opportunity to preserve what they have built and to strengthen it by locking arms with one of the best and most well-respected names in the industry while also benefiting from the buying power of the group. 


Franchisee’s benefit from the group’s buying power and our relationships with accredited suppliers. Rebates on the network’s collective purchases from our accredited suppliers used to fund our regional and national marketing campaigns aimed at increasing our brand exposure.


Our franchise model embraces a culture of continuous learning that includes supervised in-service training for all employees and training of apprentices in conjunction with merSETA.


The average store turnover per store is around R12-million per annum. 


   Products and Services  


Our business philosophy prioritises our commitment to assisting our customers. The Audatex computerised quotation system that accurately estimates prices allows us to meet reasonable quotation standards and ensures that the labour and parts supplied align with Automotive Body Repair Industry standards.


Our service offering:

  • Major structural Repair

  • Non-structural repair

  • Minor dent and scratch repair

  • Paintless dent repair

  • Plastic bumper repairs

  • Rim repair

  • Digital assessments

  • Hail damage

  • Spray painting

  • Towing service


Screenshot_2020-09-04 HJ Bosch Sons Pane


Screenshot_2020-09-04 HJ Bosch Sons Pane

Our comprehensive training ensures that franchisees can deliver the level of service and standard of quality customers have come to expect from HJ Bosch & Sons ABR Network. 


The automotive industry is constantly changing and presenting us with new challenges. Therefore, we consider education and training an important aspect of our franchise offering. Likewise, staying at the forefront of development in this ever-evolving industry should be important to our franchisees. 


   Franchisor Support  


All franchisees must become a MerSETA (Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority) training provider. The facilitation of the training process by MerSETA includes the paying of discretionary grants which will enable the franchisee to train. We will assist with the discretionary grant application process as well as offering guidance and assistance with the recruitment of apprentices, submission of the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report to MerSETA. In addition, franchisees will benefit greatly from our established relationships with insurance companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We also guide concerning site selection and lease negotiations. 



   Become a Franchisee  

While franchisees do not require automotive repair experience to be successful as an HJ Bosch & Sons franchisee, a desire to ensure that customers receive the best and most professional service will stand them in good stead. Preference will be given to owner-operator franchisees with a background in business management, and franchisees will benefit from a system- and detail-oriented approach and strong admin skills. 


In line with HJ Bosch & Sons commitment to Employment Equity, preference will be given to historically disadvantaged applicants.


Screenshot_2020-09-03 HJ Bosch Sons Pane

   Funding Application  

The consideration of an application for funding by an individual to a financial institution, whether it is a commercial bank or a development funding institution, always pivots around two principles:

  • The profile of the applicant candidate concerning the financial position and the way in which an individual conducted his or her personal financial affairs. In certain cases, prior experience in the industry in which the franchise brand operates will be required, e.g. the restaurant and hospitality industries. The funder will also assess the current lifestyle of the applicant in order to determine if the size and profitability of the new business suit the applicant and if expectations could be met.

  • The parameters of the actual opportunity available, whether it’s a new or existing business. The business case for the repayment of a loan is always dependent on the numbers, which is a function of location, projected sales, overheads, etc.


It is therefore not possible for a funding application to be processed unless all the details of the applicant, as well as the details of a business’ plan, demonstrating that the business will be able to repay its debt, are available. The initial step will always remain an application to the franchise brand in order to introduce a candidate, after which specific opportunities would be communicated to be followed by an application for funding.


HJ Bosch & Sons Panel Beaters will certainly be able to refer successful applicants to suitable funders once an application has been approved by the franchisor, but every funder will also have its own application and approval process. 


What could be stated is that once a prospective franchisee has completed the online 6-step application process below, the same application will be submitted to the funder, i.e. no additional forms will be required.


   Application Process  


Should you wish to proceed with the application process, you will be required to register online and navigate your way through a 6-step application process. Only after completing the application process will the franchisor provide you with a detailed Disclosure Document as required by the Consumer Protection Act. 


The 6-step application process is designed with three objectives:

  1. First, to allow the prospective candidate an opportunity to disclose and communicate all the personal information required by the franchisor and the funder to view how well-suited you are for assuming the franchisee's role.

  2. As intimidating or time consuming as the application process may seem, it exposes you to a fraction of the level of resilience required to ultimately own and manage your own franchised business. 

  3. Successful franchisees comply with the rules and procedures of the business system. Completing the five steps of the application process can be deemed your introduction to adhering to the HJ Bosch & Sons Panel Beaters business system.

While the application process is not intended to discourage prospective franchisees or to create barriers to entry, the process by its very nature will serve as an early deterring mechanism for candidates who should not be pursuing business ownership. The truth is that the challenges a franchisee will face in their own business is significantly more complicated and daunting than the application process. If you are intimidated by the 6-step process running a business will likely be more challenging than you are anticipating, essentially putting yourself, the franchisor, the funder, the landlord and your future staff at risk.


From a cost perspective, the charges relating to the entrepreneurial assessment, application review and credit profile verifications are insignificant when measured against the cost of buying a franchise, and it could be the best money you ever spent should the outcome confirm that you should not venture into business or that you would not be able to attract funding.


Screenshot_2020-09-04 HJ Bosch Sons Pane

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