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Exposing the Detrimental Impact of Vehicle Write-Off Policies: Join the Fight for Fairness

At MCB Manco, we are committed to advocating for consumer rights and promoting fair practices within the automotive industry. One of the most pressing issues facing South African consumers today is the unfair vehicle write-off policies enforced by insurance companies. These policies often leave consumers in precarious financial situations while the insurance industry continues to profit.

Discover the hidden dangers of vehicle write-off policies in South Africa. Join our fight for transparency, consumer protection, and fair insurance practices. Learn more and share your story with us.

Understanding Vehicle Write-Off Policies

When an insurance company declares a vehicle a write-off, it means that the cost of repairing the vehicle exceeds a certain percentage of its market value, typically around 50-60%. However, this threshold is often manipulated to favour the insurer's financial interests, leaving consumers with inadequate compensation to replace their vehicles.

The Impact on Consumers

  1. Financial Hardship: Many consumers receive payouts that do not cover the cost of replacing their written-off vehicles. For example, a vehicle valued at R300,000 when new may only receive a payout of R150,000 after being written off, leaving a substantial financial gap.

  2. Increased Premiums: After a write-off claim, consumers often face higher insurance premiums, adding to their financial burden.

  3. Safety Risks: Written-off vehicles are frequently resold at auctions without proper disclosure, posing significant safety risks to unsuspecting buyers. These vehicles might not meet safety standards and could lead to further accidents and financial loss.

  4. Impact on Consumers with Bad Credit: Those with poor credit ratings struggle even more as they may not qualify for financing to replace their written-off vehicles. This situation severely impacts their mobility and ability to maintain employment, pushing them further into financial distress.

Lack of Best Practices

South Africa lags behind many countries in adopting best practices for vehicle write-offs. In the UK, for example, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) provides clear guidelines for vehicle write-offs, ensuring consumers are fully informed and protected. Vehicles are categorized into A, B, S, and N, with strict criteria for each category, ensuring transparency and safety for consumers.

In Australia, the National Written-Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) ensures all written-off vehicles are documented, and consumers can access this information to avoid purchasing unsafe vehicles.

Fueling the Black Market

The resale of written-off vehicles at auctions without adequate transparency significantly fuels the black market. These vehicles often end up in the hands of unscrupulous dealers who perform substandard repairs and sell them at inflated prices. This practice not only endangers consumers but also perpetuates illegal activities within the automotive sector.

How You Can Help

We believe that collective action can drive change. We encourage all consumers affected by these unfair practices to join our Facebook group, "Unfair Vehicle Write-Off Policies SA," to share their experiences, advocate for transparency, and push for regulatory changes.

By joining the group, you can connect with others who have been similarly affected, stay updated on advocacy efforts, and contribute to a movement that aims to hold insurance companies accountable and protect consumer rights.


At MCB Manco, we are committed to ensuring fair treatment for all consumers. The current vehicle write-off policies in South Africa benefit insurance companies at the expense of consumers. By advocating for greater transparency, fair valuation, and adoption of international best practices, we can work together to create a safer and more equitable automotive market.

For more detailed information on the financial implications of vehicle write-offs, you can read the full article on Moneyweb:

Thank you for your support in this critical matter. Together, we can make a difference.

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